Here's the differences between Women's college & High School rules.  Major differences highlighted in yellow 



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Basketball Rules and Regulations - Shot Clock

No Rule

          Men - 35 seconds

          Women - 30 seconds

Basketball Rules and Regulations -  Stop Clock

No Rule

After made basket with 59.9 seconds or less in second half or overtime

Substitutions: With 59.9 seconds or less remaining in the 2" half (or OT)

No Rule

          Men: Not permitted when clock is stopped for a made basket, on a timing error or inadvertent whistle.

          Women: Only permitted when clock stopped for time-out, violation or foul.

Technical Fouls

Resuming play

Two free-throws and possession awarded to offended team

Throw-in opposite table

All Two free-throws

Point of interruption
Women Same, except excessive time-out, loss of ball

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Ten-second Rule

Must Advance from Back Court

          Men - Same as high school

          Women - No restriction

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Time-out(s):
Number & Length


Request By



Three 60-second and two 30-second time-outs per game

Player or head coach may request

Reduced if both teams are ready

Technical foul

Media Four 30-second and one 60-second
Non-Media Four 75-second and two 30-second

Same as NFHS

Reduced if calling team notifies official (non-media)


          Men Two shots and point of interruption

          Women Two shots and loss of ball

TV Replay Monitor

Not permitted

Permitted for Specific Situations

Unconscious Player

No return without physician's (MD or DO) authorization

No Rule

Same Number Style/Color Front and Back

Home White

Horizontal Lettering

Shirts designed to be worn outside the game pants



Required in 2007-08

Plane of letters may not overlap with plane of numbers, must be 1" from outside edge of numbers at any point

Not prohibited

Individual player must have same length sleeves

Not required

Not required

Must be 1 inch from outside edge of numbers at any point


No unaltered sleeves, no cut-off sleeves or necklines

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Videotape

Illegal to use during the game or intermission for coaching

Illegal only at court side

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Airborne Shooter

In air after release of try or tap

          Men - No rule

          Women - Same as high school

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Closely-guarded

Holding or dribbling in front court at 6-foot distance

          Men - Same as high school

          Women - Holding only, front/back court, 3-foot distance

Coaching Box: 

Loss of Use

State option, 14-foot box maximum

If coach is charged with a technical foul

Extends from 28-foot mark to end line

No rule

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Disqualification:

Non-team Bench

Head Coach

Player Participates After DQ

Fifth foul or second technical

Second technical

Third (direct or indirect) or second direct technical

Direct technical foul charged to head coach

Fifth personal and/or includes direct technical fouls, intentional technical fouls (Men)

Second direct technical foul

Second direct technical foul or third combination of directs and bench

Indirect technical charged to head coach

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Double Fouls


Alternating possession throw-in at nearest spot

Alternating possession throw-in at division line

Back to the same team with no reset of shot clock or alternating possession

Point of interruption

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Fighting


Ejection. One game suspension followed by season suspension team and coaches

Players on Lane

Restrictions - Violation


Maximum of 4 defensive and 2 offensive players, two spaces nearest shooter must be vacant

Restrictions end when ball touches ring, backboard or free throw ends

Technical following warning for idles and contacting free thrower


          Men Same as HIGH SCHOOL

          Women Same as men, bottom two spaces must be vacant

Restrictions end on release of the ball

No rule

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Headwear

State association may approve for medical, cosmetic, religious

No rule

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Offensive Team Fouls

No rule

Ball awarded out-of-bounds (no bonus free throws) when foul committed by any player of the team in control (offensive team)

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Officials on Court

15 minutes before start

          Men - One at 30 minutes

          Women - On floor at 15 min. and must return at 3 min

Basketball Rules and Regulations - Player-control Foul

Includes airborne shooter

          Men - No airborne shooter

          Women - Same as high school

Player out of bounds - first to touch the ball gaining advantage

Technical Foul